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Is Your SEO Company Working to Get Around the New Google Results Page?


The biggest challenge that comes with SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the ever-changing algorithms and methodologies that Google employs to calculate page-rank. How Google evaluates the ranking for its search results and what it does with them changes quite frequently, and if you have an SEO firm working for you, it is important that they stay up to date with it all. This will help them incorporate any new changes that Google makes, ensuring that your SEO strategy is always updated for delivering the best possible returns.

The latest change that Google has made is to modify their results page, which has sent SEO professionals all over working to hold on their present positions and improve their visibility- for they do not want to drop page numbers just because of this change. When you drop a page in terms of Google, it means that your ranking has dropped. SEO companies are fighting to better their clients’ rankings to keep them on the same page or help them climb higher. This change is making them work even harder.

The biggest change that Google has made to the search page is taken off advertising from the right-hand side of the page, and placed 4 ads on top of the organic results. For those who are using paid advertisements, this is a change worth noticing- for the number of ads that there are has now been reduced. If you use only SEO and yield your results organically, then you will notice that though the ranking remains unaffected, the number of organic results pages has now been reduced from 11 to 7- a considerable difference by any standards.

Monitor Your Progress
Regular monitoring of your progress will help you know where your website is in terms of search results. Type in various keywords related to your website and check where your site comes up. In case there is no change, or your site drops in ranking, then it is a sign that your SEO Company is not doing enough to stay updated with the latest changes, for this is what could be affecting your rank. At times, though this may not be the SEO Company’s fault, you should still consider it as quickly as possible, since your competitors may not be facing the same situation.

Keep a check on your budget
If you are using PPC advertising, then staying within our budget is critical. The package that your SEO Company provides should include everything that you may need to move up the ranks, and must come with regular reporting to help you know as to what they are doing as they take your money.

Quality Content is a Must
As your company grows and your SEO strategy becomes even more competitive, quality content may be neglected. However, never reduce the efforts and budget that you have allocated for generating quality content. This will help you stay a leading choice for your clients as well as Google’s search results.

With just these few simple things taken into consideration, you will be better able to know as to what your SEO company is doing right and where it needs to improve.