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Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

We’ve heard the debates that direct mail has become outdated. And it makes sense, as the world becomes increasingly more dependent on digital and going paperless, it seems direct mail would be used less often. But this is exactly why it’s still a valid tactic in the automotive dealership world.

Online space is becoming more and more cluttered full of annoying advertisements, with many of us using ad blockers. Since mail is becoming used less frequently, direct advertisements stand out much more. Direct mail can’t be sent to a spam folder, it’s going directly to a customer’s home and in front of their eyeballs. It’s a physical item instead of an email,  so there’s more chance for it to go noticed.

Direct mail provides a localized,  systematic, and targeted approach for reaching customers. With every campaign we are seeing customers responding consistently.

Part of making direct mail work for today’s market, is being able to provide today’s metrics and anayltics on results. We never intitate a campaign without the proper tools in place to track the results. From custom mailing lists, landing pages and phone tracking numbers we’ve got what you need to see an impressive ROI. Find out how to get your first 1,000 mailers on us when you sign up for a package.