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Tracking Your Progress

Business | March 23rd, 2018

As a business owner, you invest money, time and energy in all forms of advertisement. The next step is to recognize if the marketing is helping your business. As you invest, it is crucial to determine what works and what doesn’t. Our team recommends these two methods:

Tracking Traditionally

                   If you are usually in your business, you generally get a feel for the average number of customers that visit your store. You can also observe if more customers tend to come after you have posted a discount. Redeeming coupons is a great way to know if your ads are reaching consumers.
Another straightforward way is by asking customers how they found out about your business. This informs you which form of communication is reaching out to consumers effectively. You can also solicit clients that if they write their postcodes and bring the advertisement they’ll receive a discount. By capturing clients’ area codes you discover the most desirable locations for advertising.

Tracking with Technology

        Technology has pushed businesses several steps forward when it comes tracking. Our team uses apps to track down your database. We use CRM to track progress towards lead acquisitions, sales, follow-ups and customer retention. This grants us the knowledge of what is inefficient in your business and how to better it.

Phone tracking is also very effective. By tracking customer calls you can be aware of how customers hear about your website, social media, etc.

Split Testing is another technological advancement that tracks your conversion rates and bounce rates.

The most important of all these is traffic tracking. In other words, website analytics. This is a must for every small business. It provides you with information about website visits and clients.

The Importance of Traditional Advertising

Business | March 21st, 2018



Digital, email and online marketing seem to be taking over the marketing industry. Traditional advertising is usually stated to be less effective and expensive. Although it may require more investment than online marketing, traditional advertising is important to small businesses.

Why Keep It Traditional?

Traditional advertising generates a brand awareness through the direct mail using brochures and flyers. Billboards, TV commercials and other forms of print media are also considered traditional. It permits you to market your product to a more former generation that may not use the internet as often. When growing your small business, it is crucial that you are not losing any potential buyers with your chosen form of advertisement. By combining traditional and digital marketing you can have the best of both worlds.

You can promote your website and social media by sending out flyers and postcards through direct mail. This can boost sales and improve customer acquisition. Business cards, although not a form of print advertisement is a great way to hand out contact information.

Direct mail creates a local awareness of your brand. If you open a bakery, you can send flyers to consumers and other businesses within five miles. It allows you to start generating a local clientele.

The traditional advertisement is also less of a nuisance than online popup ads and considered more trustworthy. According to MarketingSherpa, 82% of consumers trust print advertising and 76% depend on direct mail.


Nuro Can Keep It Old-Fashioned

Nuro understands the importance of keeping it traditional. We have witnessed local success from small businesses by increasing brand awareness and sales.


Email Campaigns and Small Businesses

Business | March 19th, 2018

Email marketing: Easy, effective and inexpensive. If you haven’t considered it yet, email marketing may be the smartest move for your small business. Many businesses develop amazing websites, yet receive few visitors. What’s the issue? You have a website with great content, works perfectly and it is user-friendly, but where are the clients? This is where email marketing plays its role and promotes your brand to the next level.

The Pros of email marketing:

Email marketing allows for your business to establish a list of clients/customers. By allowing clients to subscribe to newsletters, you have now generated a list of interested people in your product. Use this to your advantage. It is usually said that people hate crowded inboxes, and whether there is some truth to that statement, these clients subscribe to your newsletter. They want to hear from you and read more about the business. Utilize this technique to engage these clients.

Offer newsletters with daily deals, promotions, and advertisements. Check in with customers by completing follow-ups after a purchase or subscription.  It makes customers feel special and warm up to you. They like knowing they are being taken care of if there are issues with a product and will usually refer your business to friends and family.

In return, this will increase your audience and expand your network. Newsletters can go a long way with a simple share by one of your subscribers.

The more people start getting to know and hear about your brand, the more credibility you gain from the public. People will be more willing to purchase your product than from a competitor because they heard about it from a friend or a share they saw online. This will make it easier to market your brand, and increase sales.

Email marketing can also increase visitors to your website. Keep customers engage by writing weekly blogs and posting on your site. Anyone who wants to read the blog will have to visit your website. This a fantastic way to gain brand exposure.

The Cons of email marketing:

Email marketing is great, but it does have its cons. It involves a lot of work and staying on top of newsletters and weekly posts. It takes commitment, creativity, and patience. Luckily, that’s why our team is here to help and guide you through every step. We are effective in creating email campaigns, that will expand your small business at a more rapid rate than you may have anticipated.




How Can Online Marketing Help your Small Business?

Business | March 15th, 2018

Unlike big businesses, small businesses are limited to their region, which reduces the number of consumers they are able to reach out to. Just because your small business does not have the brand awareness that a big business may have, it does not mean it can’t get there. As technology and the use of the internet took over, traditional marketing approaches have been left behind. Big businesses now rely on online marketing to further develop their product or service, a strategy that is just as useful for small businesses.So how can our team promote your small business? In our March blog post, we will provide you with all the details.

Tip #1: Get Online, Get Known!

Many small businesses lack a website. In today’s world, it is crucial for any business to have a website. Nuro Marketing develops a straightforward and easy website to navigate in. Websites also expand your range. Customers no longer need to pass by your location to find out about your business or receive ads in the mail. With a quick online search, people get to read about your business and find out what it is you do and sell. Nuro Marketing can increase your chances of showing up first in a Google search, by providing Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).
Most of all, websites can boost sales. Most small businesses only market their products in person, which again limits who you can sell to. By setting up a website, our team can guide you on how to start marketing your product online and persuade customers to subscribe. This brings in a broader number of consumers, and the best part is it expands your target customers. You can sell to any consumer, at any location.

Tip #2: Social Media is a Must!

                  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all awesome social media sites to help businesses reach out to consumers. Our team will assist you in setting up and maintaining an active social media site. This technique helps small businesses reach out to all ages and demographics. Many consumers nowadays lookup a product online before going in person. If you own a restaurant, consumers love to see pictures of the food and the location before deciding to go. This also attracts more consumers, with the use of hashtags and shares, we can increase the awareness of your product. Social Media can also improve your customer service. Being online can help you communicate and receive feedback from consumers. You obtain more insight into what consumers really think about your product and helps you come up with ideas on how to improve defects.





The Benefits of an In-House Design Team

We’re not trying to brag but, our design team are rock stars. Because of them we can call ourselves a full service agency, from concept to execution, it’s all under one roof.  And we’re proud to say this gives our clients a big advantage.

Your top 5 benefits of having an in-house design team:


  1. Easier for You: The Customer

With all your marketing efforts in one place, you save time! You won’t have to make multiple calls, coordinate teams or send numerous emails. An in-house team is already familiar with you, your preferences and your ongoing projects. This allows for a smooth, efficient process that benefits both customer and designer.

  1. Faster: Get what you need, when you need it

Did you know we have 24-hr runaround time on all creatives? To move forward on projects we don’t have to contact a third-party, and wait for them to return our calls or emails. An in-house design team has the ability to move projects around or shift work among designers. This allows us to be accurate with out deadlines and timelines, we always deliver a quality creative without the inflated timeline.

  1. Well-Informed: We know Your Brand

A big benefit of working with an in-house design team is they are immersed in your brand. They understand your business, your brand, your marketing goals and how you want to be perceived by consumers.

  1. Availability: Always Here to Assist You

If your main contact is unavailable, there are other designers on our team call who  are familiar with your projects and available to fill in effortlessly.  You are never left hanging.

  1. Relationship Driven

We believe that relationships with our clients enhance the creative process, not hinder it. Our clients talk directly to the designers, nothing gets lost in translation and over time we anticipate your needs and tailor design based off your preferences.

Sold on having an in-house design team handle your marketing? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.