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Nuro’s Video Advertising gives you the ability to build brand and inventory awareness in your market in a dynamic and engaging format. Shoppers who view video are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers and click-through rates on video are exponentially higher than other forms of media – 4.28% 
on desktop and 11.9% on mobile screens.* Nuro’s Video Advertising campaigns can align with your specific sales strategy, in multiple formats, available on both mobile and desktop devices.

*SOURCE: 2013 Google Study “Digital Drives Shopping”

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Nuromarketing.com is the first to offer Facebook Dynamic Ads specifically tailored for retail & automotive industries. These campaigns are aligned with your specific sales strategy with ads that are deep-linked to your inventory or business. Ads are generated dynamically based on customers’ interests and behaviors on Facebook, whether they have visited your website before or not, actively influencing their path to purchase.


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