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Nuro marketing was in charge of several changes to this location. Phone systems were restructured, website and branding were optimized. Implementations of SEO and PPC, social and print media. We also did target mail, business cards, video production, designed event display materials and provided image consultation. An office redesign was also added, and CRM restructures (set-up and optimized earlier systems, as well as follow-up rules, improved closing rates with proper training of the BDC Department).


To increase profitability, our team restructured the operations and marketing of this dealership. We addressed several key issues during this change. Our team identified that the problem for this company was not only its marketing strategies but also operational. Nuro Marketing provided structure to the BDC team and the sales training team.

After the first year, Volvo boosted their sales to 60 cars a month. Volvo gained an 80% increase in online traffic and qualified leads. Our team was effective to reach out to the company’s desired demographics, gain profitability, and increase overall performance over the course of two years.

Volvo Cars North Miami is a current happy customer.

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