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Client: Kendall Mitsubishi

Services:  A complete Business Development Company (BDC) was implemented at this location. Phone systems restructure, Pay Per Click (PPC), branding/website and search engine optimization (SEO), image consultation, photography and email blasts. Our team created social and print media, business cards, video production, and event display materials. An office redesign was provided, and a CRM restructure (set-up and optimized previous systems and follow-up procedures).

Outcome:   The Mitsubishi in Kendall was losing 40k a month. This location was no

longer making a profit. In a two-year period, we estimated that the company lost two million dollars.

In three months our team was able to reverse the negative trend. By bringing in 800 leads a month at a 13.7% closing ratio, it pushed the company to make 40k a month and increase profits.