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Phone System Restructure: This made it easier for customers to reach out to the departments and get in touch with an employee. Phone systems were also modified to handle traffic and direct calls to the department.

Pay Per Click: Cost per click decreased over 20% than the market region, which in return produced more results.

Directory Listings: We maintained same phone numbers, website URL, and address. This kept a constant flow and although changes were made internally, it did not affect the customer’s experience.

Social Media: Our team created new social media profiles and customer engaging campaigns. It made it more accessible to the company and the customer to reach out to one another and receive feedback.

Email Blasts: We created Newsletters and targeted email blasts. Each dealer provided us with existing database to target desired customers. Our team designed newsletters according to holidays and seasons. We use this technique to motivate consumers to buy during certain times of the year with special sales; A new car for your son for Christmas, for your wife during Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Traditional Advertising:

At Nuro Marketing we use existing facts to find the most effective strategy to target demographics. With our automotive group, we used the observations to target new homeowners. By analyzing trends in our data we can figure which would be the best-desired demographics for a specific product.

Inventory Lot Branding: A complete redesign of all the flags in the parking lot

Business Development Company:

Nuro Marketing implemented a business development company (BDC) method. It was our goal to restructure the working strategies of the departments. We established a system in which incoming leads had a shorter response time, employees were taking action on follow-ups and generating pay plans.

Review Management System:

      We created a review management system to resolve a problem before going public. Every customer that visited any department receives a follow-up email or text. If a customer writes a favorable review, it is directly posted on the company website. If the review is negative, the customer is redirected to a website which has a contact form. The customer fills out the contact information and in a few minutes, the manager communicates with the customer. This system informs the manager why the customer is unsatisfied, and how the problem can be fixed. Most importantly, the system deters the customer from posting a negative review.

Automotive Group Website:

Online visits from PPC campaign generated 10 million impressions per month and over 200k interactions.

  • Click-through rates incremented by 25%
  • Bounce rates decreased by 17%
  • Conversion rates increased by 10%

Extra-Services Provided:

Automotive Group Restructure Consulting

Business Cards

Showroom Branding/Photography

Showroom Artwork

Outcome (Dodge + RAM +Jeep + Chrysler):

            The services provided by Nuro Marketing yielded the following results for the automotive groups:

  • The numbers of vehicles sold per month increased at an average rate of 175 cars per month.
  • Response times decreased from four hours to less than five minutes.
  • Social media visibility increased by 400%. The automotive groups had no social media.
  • After a three-month commitment, sales increased by 50%.