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Chiqui Fit


Nuro Marketing was in charge of restructuring the company. Our team created a new brand image and product packaging. A business analytics system was set up, and new e-commerce website was developed.

A customer review managing system was also installed on the website. This made it possible for the manager of the company to resolve an issue before it is posted on a review site. If a customer is unsatisfied with the service or a product, they are redirected to a contact form to fill out the complaint. The manager then contacts the customer to fix the problem and it keeps the customer from posting a negative review on a site.


The services provided by Nuro Marketing yielded the following results for ChiquiFit:

  • Consistent Branding across all platforms and Social Media Networks.
  • Increased Customer Experience.
  • Boosted sales by 30%.
  • The new website made it accessible for customers to shop online and become subscribers.