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Client: Volvo Cars North Miami

Deliverables: phone system restructure, branding/ website optimization, SEO & PPC, implemented social media, print media – target mailers, stationary/ business cards, video production, event display materials, email blasts, photography, image consultation – office redesign, CRM restructure (set-up and optimized their previous system, as well as follow-up procedures, improved closing rates with proper training of the BDC department)

The Project: To increase profitability for this dealership, we initiated an integrated marketing and operations overhaul and restructure from the parts and service department to the sales dept. We identified all key issues by running an audit which revealed that the underlying issues to us that the minimal profits were due to more than marketing it was also operational. We oversaw staffing, from hiring employees to providing structure to the BDC team as well as sales training.

Through PPC alone Volvo saw an 80% increase in online traffic and qualified leads. We were able to reach their target demographic in a way that they were never able to before. We were able to turn around the profitability and performance for the dealership over the course of two years. This dealership went from selling 15 cars a month to 100 cars a month. After the first year alone we increased sales to 60 a month.