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Client: Homestead Cadillac Chevrolet

Deliverables: To increase profitability, we initiated an integrated marketing and operations overhaul and restructure. We created and scheduled social media, digital – PPC & SEO as well as website optimization.

CRM restructure (set-up and optimized their previous system, as well as follow-up procedures, improved closing rates with proper training of the BDC department.

The Project: We were able to bring the closing ratio on sales from 4% to 14%. The lead to appointment conversion rate increased from 22% to 72%. And the sales rate more than doubled from 50 cars to 110 cars per month.

Finding the right structure and the right strategies made all the difference for this client. They were in a sub-prime location with minimal incoming leads. Optimizing the website helped us reach out to the desired demographic regardless of their location. Chevrolet as a brand has a stronger market share and brand awareness which made this campaign accel faster. We implemented a structured, goal oriented campaign.